Dr. Madeleine Granvik New Director for the Baltic University Programme

BUP Director Madeleine GranvikMadeleine Granvik is appointed as new director for the Baltic University Programme (BUP) at the co-ordinating secretariat at Uppsala University.
These are her own words on the appointment:
We have now passed 25 fruitful years of BUP history and I am happy to get the opportunity to act as the new director of the Baltic University Programme. I look forward to co-operate with you and contribute to the development of the next coming 25 years! I would like to give a big “Thank You” to Lars Rydén the founder of the Baltic University Programme, that has the latest 1,5 year stepped in as a director. Now you can return to your free life as an energetic and healthy pensioner you are, and just enjoy! 

CBSS Questionnaire

CBSS questionnaire on SDGsTo increase the awareness and build the competence for SDGs implementation, the CBSS Expert Group on Sustainable Development initiated a Seed Money project, financed by the Swedish Institute, called “Towards Baltic 2030 – From Talk to Work”. As a part of the project, the CBSS Baltic 2030 Unit is now developing a concept for the creation of a collaborative web-based learning platform, designed to support these processes and to help making SDGs implementation more efficient in the Baltic Sea Region, by pooling and sharing the information, best practice and knowledge on sustainable development actions, policies and initatives.
To make more informed choices about the key purposes and functionality of the future platform and to make it as useful as possible, CBSS created a brief survey to find out what you and other practitioners think.
We kindly ask you to spend 5 minutes to fill out our questionnaire. We would be thankful if you could provide us with a feedback by the 1st February.

Baltic Science Network Questionnaire

Baltic Science Network Questionnaire
The scope of the research covers decision makers and researchers in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, St. Petersburg, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Demark, Germany and Poland.
The aim of this survey is to twofold. Firstly, the survey is aimed at learning factors facilitate the researchers’ mobility within the Baltic region. Secondly, it tries to figure out the challenges for the researchers’ mobility in Baltic Sea region.
The survey is coordinated by MOSTA, Research and Higher Education Monitoring and Analysis Centre, in Lithuania. Tadas Juknevicius from MOSTA invites the whole BUP-research community to take part in the survey.
Please fill out the Questionnaire. The survey would take up to 5 minutes of your valuable time, and the answers will be invaluable for us.
The dead-line for this survey is already January 20. The results are presented on an international BSN-workshop on February 10 in Vilnius.
For further information on the BSN project, please see the Baltic Sceience Network web site.

Shaping Ethics in Academia and Society: Practices in the Baltic Sea Region

Shaping ethics in academia and societyInternational conference:
Shaping Ethics in Academia and Society: Practices in the Baltic Sea Region
16th–17th October, 2017
Mykolas Romeris University
Vilnius, Lithuania
The conference aims to build up a roundtable for sharing best practices and experience with addressing ethical issues within academia and related society and, in the same vein, to contribute to relevant managerial solutions.
Particular concern on ethical issues in academia and the wider society is getting acceleration on a wide scale. To make out the values maze, organizations are in quest of comprehensive definitions and effective ethics management. Broad discussion, understanding cultural differences (notably in the Baltic Sea Region) and experience exchange in ethics management from different perspectives are needed and worth to support.