Student Participation at the 7th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR

Students at EUSBSR Annual ForumBUP students wanted, one students per country, for participation in the
Seventh Annual Forum for the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region
Stockholm, Sweden
8 - 9 November 2016

The Baltic University Programme is invited to take part with a student group in the high level session (panel) on SDGs on the 9 November at 10:40-12:00 hosted by the Council of Baltic Sea States, CBSS. The student group is asked to provide one co-moderator for the session (together with Alan AtKisson, specialist in the SDGs), to elaborate questions to the audience, and to write a report. Panelists include Ministers, Vice Ministers, and high-level representatives from both the UN Secretariat in New York and EU Commission. The high-level session takes place at the main stage right after the Inspiration Session.

For further information please see the BUP web site.