Top 10 Myths about Sustainability

Top 10 myth about sustainabilityWhen a word becomes so popular you begin hearing it everywhere, in all sorts of marginally related or even unrelated contexts, it means one of two things. Either the word has devolved into a meaningless cliché, or it has real conceptual heft. “Green” (or, even worse, “going green”) falls squarely into the first category. But “sustainable,” which at first conjures up a similarly vague sense of environmental virtue, actually belongs in the second. True, you hear it applied to everything from cars to agriculture to economics. But that’s because the concept of sustainability is at its heart so simple that it legitimately applies to all these areas and more

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Google PowerMeter

Google Power MeterGoogle is in the final stages of fine-tuning their free PowerMeter software, set to inform users on just how much energy appliances use and comparing their energy consumption with that of their neighbours.

"Studies show that access to your household's personal energy information is likely to save you between 5–15% on your monthly bill, and the potential impact of large numbers of people achieving similar efficiencies is even more exciting. For every six households that save 10% on electricity, for instance, we reduce carbon emissions as much as taking one conventional car off the road."

C.L.E.A.R. Village Foundation

Village Foundation is a non-profit organisation working to co-create a groundbreaking sustainable village. It is registered in The Netherlands. Key Partners are Etikstudio, a sustainability strategy consultancy; and the Club of Amsterdam, a global think tank dedicated to preferred futures. We’re dedicated to bringing groundbreaking sustainable solutions into reality, inspiring and informing others.

Korkeakoulujen KeKe-Foorumi/National SD-forum Turussa 16.12.2008


Keke-foorumi pidettiin 16.12.2008 Turussa, Åbo Akademiin täydennyskoulutuskeskuksen tiloissa.



09.30–10.00: Kahvi ja sämpylä / Coffee and bread

10.00–11.40: “Hyötyä toisiltamme”: KeKe-aiheista opetusta eri korkeakouluissa sekä eri verkostojen puitteissa (BUP-, UniPID- ym. verkostot). Osanottajat voivat esittäää kokoamansa tietoja/tai esimerkkejä oman korkeakoulun KeKe-aiheisesta opetustarjonnasta. Courses around sustainability issues in different Finnish universities and within different higher education networks (eg. BUP, UniPID etc.). Presentations from different universities:



12.00–13.00: Launching of the multimedia production:” An Agenda for Global Responsibility and Citizenship " produced for the Ministry of Education and the BUP-network, by Lars Rydén & Magnus Lehman at the BUP-secretariat, Uppsala University. Introduced by Lars Rydén & discussion

13.00–13.40: Lounas/ Lunch (Café Arken)

13.40–14.20: Ihmisoikeudet ja kestävä kehitys globaalin vastuullisuuden agendalla – juhlistetaan YKn ihmisoikeusjulistuksen 60-vuotismerkkipäivää. OPMn Globaalivastuun projektiryhmä / Human rights and sustainability on the agenda for Global responsibility – a case within the project Education for Global responsibility, initiated 2007 by the Ministry of Education – on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the UN Declaration on Human Rights. Introduced by: Johanna Lampinen & Monica Melén-Paaso

14.20–15.10: A short overview on trends concerning research around sustainability issues (Introduced by Lars Rydén & discussion)

15.10–15.20: Refreshments

15.20 - ca 16.30: Keskustelut tämän päivän teemoista sekä millä tavalla kurssitarjonta voitaisiin esitellä yhteisillä webbisvuilla :n kautta/ General Discussion on today’s topics. Päätetään seuraavasta Keke-foorumista (aika, paikka & teemat)/ Decisions on the date, site & topics for forthcoming meeting of this forum.

Ca 16.30 Closing of the forum Korkeakoulujen KeKe-foorumi, Turussa 16.12.2008

Teemoina tällä kertaa:

11.40–12.00: Indikaattori-projektin tilannekatsaus / Present status concerning the so called Indicator-project
  • Hyötyä toisiltamme: KeKe-aiheista opetusta eri korkeakouluissa sekä eri verkostojen puitteissa

  • Multimediaesitys: will be presented by prof. Lars Rydén.

  • "Ihmisoikeudet ja kestävä kehitys globaalin vastuullisuuden agendalla" - juhlistetaan YK:n ihmisoikeusjulistuksen 60-vuotismerkkipäivää.(OPMn Globaalivastuun projektiryhmä)

  • Indikaattori-projektin selostus(Anne Virtanen)

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