BUP Summer Course 2017

BUP Summer Course 2017SDG 11: Towards Sustainable Cities and Municipalities ‐ the Circular Economy Approach and Urban Ecology

Organized by the Baltic University Programme (BUP) with Lodz University of Technology, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and the University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz
19 ‐ 23 September 2017
Rogow, Poland
The target group is Bachelor and Master students from the Baltic Sea Region. All cost of the event (i.e. food and accommodation) are covered, thus, there is no participation fee for BUP‐member universities. However, participants have to cover their own travel expenses. For interested participants from other universities, i.e. non‐BUP members, a participation fee of 200 EUR applies.
Register here. Deadline for applications: July 31st 2017.
For more information please see the pdf Course Flyer (484 KB) or contact Markus Will.

SAIL for Teachers 2017 - The Presentations

SAIL for Teachers 2017 - The presentationThe Book of Abstracts and the presentations held onboard STS Fryderyk Chopin during the course SAIL for Teachers 2017 are now possible to download. You may download them in the pdf-format on this page.

BUP Newsletter no. 51

BUP Newsletter no. 51In issue no. 51 of the pdf BUP Newsletter (2.96 MB) you may read about:

  • Introduction
  • Upcoming Events
  • BUP Presidency - Lithuania
  • 5th BUP Rectors’ Conference
  • New Student Representative
  • New Member Universities
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • SAIL for Teachers 2017
  • Teaching Sustainable Development in the BSR
  • BUP Students’ Conference
  • Towards Baltic 2030 - BSN Looks Back
  • and much more.

Questionnaire on Teacher's European Competences

Teachers' European CompetenceAll of us, the Europeans, like to live in peace and mutual understanding, have a possibility for free and competent movement in Europe and feel that not only ‘my own country is my home, but also Europe is a place which I know well and it is very close to my heart’. Teachers are very special persons: they have to know not only important things, but at the same time be able to give an adequate message to the pupils and help them develop necessary European competences.
Which European competences necessary for teachers do you recognize as your own?
We kindly ask you to answer the questions which will help you and us to reflect on the competences of European literacy (the questionnaire includes the basic Areas of Competences for Teachers constructed by the ELICIT project partners) and at the same time to learn what competences are needed to be developed or improved.

Baltic Rim Economies Review, BRE 2/2017

BRE Review 2/2017This issue, published 24th of May 2017, includes among others, the articles:
  • Belarus – EU: reliable neighbourhood turning stable partnership by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus, Andrei Kobyakov
  • The future path of Scotland by the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon
  • Swedish defence in a changing security environment by General, Supreme Commander Swedish Armed Forces, Micael Bydén
  • On the importance of cultural exchange by the Managing Director of the Turku Music Festival, Liisa Ketomäki
  • Nothing new under the sun: Trump’s environmental policy by Mikko Saikku, McDonnell Douglas Professor of American Studies, University of Helsinki.

Download BRE Review 2/2017 pdf.