Towards Sustainability at NTNU

As a first step towards a sustainable university, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim has defined an environmental ambition with 15 targets for 2020, primarily focusing on energy use, transportation, procurement and waste handling. For the first time, NTNU produced for 2014 a separate environmental report giving the present status on these targets, showing that there is progress, but still a way to go.

Read more on the NSCN web site: Towards sustainability at NTNU.

NUAS Seminar in Helsinki and Espoo

Campus Development – from Outside to Inside, from Future to Present

University of Helsinki and Aalto University invite you to a conference held by the Nordic University Administration Cooperation (NUAS) in Helsinki and Espoo on 24.-27.8.2014. The conference is organized by the NUAS group Facilities and Environment together with the Nordic Sustainable Campus Network.

For more information please see the NSCN web site.