BUP courses at ÅAU Spring 2018

A Sustainable Baltic Region, 5 credits

Aim and content
To give insight in how to develop a sustainable Baltic Region; key concepts. Energy issues, material flows, sustainable agriculture, forestry, sustainable industrial production and technology, transports, habitation, sustainable economy, ethics and law for sustainability.

Learning outcome
The student will be able to explain and discuss sustainability issues in different sectors in the Baltic Sea Region.

Target group
Students from all faculties interested in sustainability issues.
Materials electronically available on this link.

Lectures, group discussions, presentations, written exam.
Teacher: doc. Egon Nordström

Enrolments no later than 23.1.2018 (changed) to the Open University
31.1-11.4.2018 (changed). Wednesdays at 17.30-20.00
aud Kosmos, CLL Arken, Fabriksgatan 2/Tehtaank 2
For more information please contact:
Sinikka Suomalainen
planning officer
Centre for Lifelong Learning
Åbo Akademi
20500 Åbo, Finland