The Baltic University Programme

Baltic University ProgrammeThe Baltic University Programme (BUP) is a network of about 230 universities and other institutes of higher learning throughout the Baltic Sea region. The network is coordinated by the Baltic University Programme Secretariat at Uppsala University, Sweden.

The Programme focuses on questions of sustainable development, environmental protection, and democracy in the Baltic Sea region. The aim is to support the key role that universities play in a democratic, peaceful and sustainable development. This is achieved by developing university courses, and by participation in projects in cooperation with authorities, municipalities and others.

The Baltic University Programme invites your university to take part in the network. It has shown that member universities enhance their ranking and that a membership also may enhance the possibilities to get funding. Questions on how to join are answered by your nearest BUP Center or the Secretariat.


Teaching Materials

For the BUP courses a wealth of teaching materials has been produced. The materials include textbooks, booklets and films. Most of this material is free to download in the pdf-format. Please see the BUP Archive section on Course Materials for more information and downloads.