Call for Participants: Science Sail Think Tank

The sailship Petrine in harbourDo you want to engage with other people? And do you love the sea ?
Join the Science Sail Think Tank!
8 - 15 July, 2017
Stralsund, Germany
We, the Ocean Philosophers, would like to lay the fundament for a long term participative education project and a communication plattform about the seas and oceans to support environmental education and communication between science, industry and civil society.
During a sailtrip on board the traditional German gaff ketch Petrine on the Baltic Sea the Science Sail Think Tank will be filled with life. In this year's sail trip we want to plan & discuss ideas for sailing & harbour days 2018, where outreach activities and other marine events will take place.
Deadline for registrations to this year's sail trip is 21 April 2017. Download the Invitation and Application Form pdf (in German). Although the invitation is in German, English speaking people are warmly welcome.
We call all interested people to become creative team member on the Science Sail Think Tank 2017, students from biology, artists, sailors or people engaging in NGOs.
For further information please see the Ocean Philosophers web site or write to .

The sailship Petrine


Life onboard Petrine


A hammock onboard Petrine