BUP Teachers Course on ESD in Higher Education

BUP Teachers Course 2017Invitation for applications to the up-coming course:

BUP Teachers Course on Education for Sustainable Development in Higher Education

A new BUP course – following BUP Teachers’ recommendations
The BUP university teachers’ competence development conferences on education for sustainable development (ESD) have been organized since 2004, by the Finnish BUP centre at Åbo Akademi University. Following recent suggestions by the participating teachers, we have now developed a larger course, which in addition to sustainability themes also includes methodology, such as e-learning, peer learning and a change project. After a successful fulfilment of the course, the participants will receive a diploma/certificate corresponding to 5 credits by the Centre for Lifelong Learning at Åbo Akademi University, Finland. The BUP International Board has approved this course concept.
The application deadline is 20 June 2017. Kindly fill in the online Application Form.
The course begins in September 2017 and continues to February 2018 with online and two face-to-face events.
For more information please see the pdf Course Invitation (843 KB) .

Call for Participants: EURENSSA 2017

Eurenssa 2017Creating the Sustainable City
All passionate students and PhD students studying or doing research in environmental sciences or sustainable development are encouraged to apply. Students from other fields are welcome too, as long as they show strong interest in urban sustainability questions or are actively involved in environmental protection.
EURENSSA is about connecting with enthusiastic students and provide a platform to think together about a better future, so openness for new perspectives and curiosity is essential. All information can be found on www.eurenssa2017.org/application. Participants are asked to submit the application form before May 15th, 2017. The conference will take place from 22nd to 29th of July in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Food, workshops and accommodation will be included in the solidarity participation fee with a minimum of €90 to €130 depending on your country of origin (see application form for more details).
Dead line for applications: May 15th 2017.
For more information and application form please see: EURENSSA 2017.

Pentti Malaska Futures Award

Pentti Malaska Futures Award at Turku UniversityUniversity of Turku Pentti Malaska Futures Award of €30,000 is now available for research-based, visionary solutions for global challenges.
The award is granted for the first time in 2017, in the honour of the 25th anniversary of Finland Futures Research Centre at the University of Turku.
The competition is open for Nordic (Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic) futures researchers and research teams with a future-oriented research approach within any academic field, or their combinations.
Application period is open 19 April - 19 May 2017. 

EduBalt Workshop Presentations.

Shepherd Urenje: Reorienting Teacher EducationPresentations by Džineta Dimante, Rea Raus, Sinikka Suomalainen and Shepherd Urenje held at the EduBalt workshop in Ratnieki, Latvia are available for download. You may find the presentations under the heading Teacher Conferences.