Research Notes Letter 3/2018

Research Notes Letter 3/2018The BUP Research Notes Letter  3/2018 is published. In this issue you will find information on current research in the Baltic Sea region.


Evaluation of agriculture eco-efficiency in Latvia
Agita Gancone, Jelena Pubule, Marika Rosa and Dagnija Blumberga

Ecosystem Provisioning Services Automated Valuation Process Model for Sustainable…
Jurijs Holms, Irina Arhipova, Ildiko Tulbure and Gatis Vitols

Improvement of Sustainability Definition Facilitating Sustainable Development of Public…
Antons Patlins

Low carbon municipalities
Agris Kamenders, Marika Rosa and Kristaps Kass

Comparison between passive remediation and bioremediation for the hydrocarbons…
Vilma Zivelyte, Karlis Valters and Saulius Vasarevicius

Educating Professionals for Sustainable Futures
Hille Janhonen-Abruquah, Jenni Topp and Hanna Posti-Ahokas

Indicators of climate change adaptation from molecules to ecosystems
Ülo Mander, Ivika Ostonen and Ülo Niinemets

Influence of building shape and orientation on heating demand: simulations for student dormitories
Martyna Mokrzecka

The Influence of Phosphogypsum Addition on Phosphorus Release in Biochemical Treatment…
Y. Chernysh, M. Balintova, L. Plyatsuk, M. Holub and S. Demcak

Bioaccumulation and toxicity studies of macroalgae (Charophyceae) treated with aluminium
Michał Rybak, Agata Kołodziejczyk, Tomasz Joniak, Izabela Ratajczak and Maciej Gąbka

Smarter cities in post-socialist country
Dorota Sikora-Fernandez

Social learning research in ecological economics
Bernd Siebenhüner, Romina Rodela and Franz Ecker

Total carbon and benzo(a)pyrene in particulate matter over a Polish urban site
Patrycja Siudek

The carbon footprint of business travel in the knowledge-intensive service sector
Age Poom, Kati Orru and Rein Ahas

Attached to or bound to a place? The impact of green space availability on residential duration…
Edyta Łaszkiewicz, Jakub Kronenberg and Szymon Marcińczak

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