6th BUP PhD Students Training


The objective of the PhD Students Training is to give PhD students from the BUP network a possibility to meet and discuss scientific problems.BUP PhD TrainingThe focus will be on sustainable development in an interdisciplinary, international, multicultural, and regional context. In this way, students will also get the opportunity to become acquainted with other universities and their scientific traditions. The training program will be based on an interdisciplinary approach.

Expected outcome

This international training program will enrich the students’ own perspectives on sustainable development with experiences and perspectives from other countries. At the same time it will serve as a platform for the development of a common understanding of the regional problematique. It will also open avenues for future cooperation on these issues. Interdisciplinary training at the PhD-level is essential for creating an understanding between scientists and researchers. Especially with different backgrounds such as Western and Eastern European cultures. It is also important for their future collaboration for a sustainable future.

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