BUP Summer Course 2017

BUP Summer Course 2017SDG 11: Towards Sustainable Cities and Municipalities ‐ the Circular Economy Approach and Urban Ecology

Organized by the Baltic University Programme (BUP) with Lodz University of Technology, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences and the University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz
19 ‐ 23 September 2017
Rogow, Poland
The target group is Bachelor and Master students from the Baltic Sea Region. All cost of the event (i.e. food and accommodation) are covered, thus, there is no participation fee for BUP‐member universities. However, participants have to cover their own travel expenses. For interested participants from other universities, i.e. non‐BUP members, a participation fee of 200 EUR applies.
Register here. Deadline for applications: July 31st 2017.
For more information please see the pdf Course Flyer (484 KB) or contact Markus Will.

BUP 5th PhD Students Training

BUP 5th PhD students training in Rogów, Poland.Baltic University Programme
5th PhD Students Training
27 November - 1 December 2017
Rogow, Poland
Deadline for applications: 18 September 2017
The objective is to give PhD students from the BUP network countries the possibility to meet and discuss scientific problems with focus on sustainable development in an interdisciplinary, international, multicultural, and regional context. In this way, students will also get the opportunity to become acquainted with other universities and their scientific traditions. The training program will be based on an interdisciplinary approach.
This international training program will enrich the students’ own perspectives on sustainable development with experiences and perspectives from other countries. At the same time it will serve as a platform for the development of a common understanding of the regional problematique and open avenues for future cooperation on these issues. Interdisciplinary training at the PhD-level is essential for creating an understanding between scientists and researchers with different backgrounds (Western and Eastern European cultures), and for their future collaboration for a sustainable future.
For further information please see the BUP web site.

BUP Teachers Course on ESD in Higher Education

BUP Teachers Course 2017Invitation for applications to the up-coming course:

BUP Teachers Course on Education for Sustainable Development in Higher Education

A new BUP course – following BUP Teachers’ recommendations
The BUP university teachers’ competence development conferences on education for sustainable development (ESD) have been organized since 2004, by the Finnish BUP centre at Åbo Akademi University. Following recent suggestions by the participating teachers, we have now developed a larger course, which in addition to sustainability themes also includes methodology, such as e-learning, peer learning and a change project. After a successful fulfilment of the course, the participants will receive a diploma/certificate corresponding to 5 credits by the Centre for Lifelong Learning at Åbo Akademi University, Finland. The BUP International Board has approved this course concept.
The application deadline is 20 June 2017. Kindly fill in the online Application Form.
The course begins in September 2017 and continues to February 2018 with online and two face-to-face events.
For more information please see the pdf Course Invitation (843 KB) .

SAIL for Teachers 2017 - The Presentations

SAIL for Teachers 2017 - The presentationThe Book of Abstracts and the presentations held onboard STS Fryderyk Chopin during the course SAIL for Teachers 2017 are now possible to download. You download them in the pdf-format on this page.

BUP Newsletter no. 51

BUP Newsletter no. 51In issue no. 51 of the pdf BUP Newsletter (2.96 MB) you may read about:

  • Introduction
  • Upcoming Events
  • BUP Presidency - Lithuania
  • 5th BUP Rectors’ Conference
  • New Student Representative
  • New Member Universities
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • SAIL for Teachers 2017
  • Teaching Sustainable Development in the BSR
  • BUP Students’ Conference
  • Towards Baltic 2030 - BSN Looks Back
  • and much more.