BUP Teachers Training Conference on Education for Sustainability

Baltic University Programme

First announcement & Invitation

BUP Teachers Training Conference on Education for Sustainability

27-30 October 2014 in Rogow, Poland

The conference will deal with the challenges regarding education for sustainability in higher education: transforming information from knowledge to learning, enhancing competences for actions "in real life”, problem based, active learning environments and interdisciplinary approaches.

Based on the evaluations from our previous seminar in Turku, Finland November 2014* “hands-on tools”: pedagogical methods, creative, interactive and integrative learning environments should be the prioritized before too many keynote lectures during this up-coming conference. We are happy to announce that Dr. Mona Lisa Dahms from Aalborg University will share her long experience on the principles of Problem Based Learning. We encourage you to propose topics for workshops and short presentations via e-mail to: Ea Blomqvist

There is no conference fee, and accommodation (including all meals) is free for all participants.

Participants are kindly requested to apply for participation directly to their national BUP-centers as soon as possible. The national centers directors will propose a list of participants to the organizers at Åbo Akademi University by September 25, 2014.  

Ea Maria Blomqvist
The Finnish BUP-centre, Åbo Akademi University

This BUP-conference is a joint event for whole network, supported by Åbo Akademi University and Lodz University of Technology



*  Info from the previous conference: “Competences for Learning and Education for Sustainability (ESD) in Higher Education, November 5-6 2013 in Turku, Finland: is available at:  http://www.bup.fi/index.php/nordic-esd-campus-greening/nordic-networks-on-esd-3/403-presentations-form-the-esd-in-higher-education-seminar

2nd BUP PhD-Training

2nd BUP PhD training in Rogów, Poland.The 2nd BUP PhD-training will take place in Rogów, Poland 26-30 November, 2014. We are happy to invite PhD students from the BUP network universities to apply for participation.

Applications should be sent to Prof. Ireneusz Zbicinski at the BUP Polish Centre, no later than 15th September 2014.

For more information and an application form please see the BUP web site.

Baltic Leadership Programme on Sustainable Development

CBSS-Baltic21 Baltic Leardership ProgrammeCBSS-Baltic21 in cooperation with the Swedish Institute are planning a so called Baltic Leadership Programme on Sustainable Development a training course in European project making and Leadership.

The programme is intended for people already involved in, or planning soon to be involved in, trans-national co-operation and project development processes related to low carbon economy with a focus on resource efficiency. The Programme is a great opportunity to get a solid leadership and project management education for a decent price (participants from Germany, Denmark and Finland only have to pay for their travel and accommodation) and at the same time to build or further develop a professional network with public professionals working in the field of sustainable development and low carbon economy in the Baltic sea region.

Although the deadline for online applications has passed we are still welcoming applications from relevant actors in Germany, Finland and Denmark to the programme until the end of this week.

For more information please see: Sustainable Development– a new Baltic Leadership Programme – Call for applications

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network

Global Citizen Festival 2014The Sustainable Development Solutions Network is proud to present its new education initiative, SDSN.edu, which brings together online courses on sustainable development created by experts from around the world! We are rolling out several exciting courses throughout the Fall. Please join us in spreading the word!

We are kicking off SDSN.edu with three courses:

  1. The Age of Sustainable Development starting September 9, 2014. There will also be a special bonus this Fall: all students that complete the course will receive the free e-book version of my new book, titled The Age of Sustainable Development.

  2. The two-semester course Climate Change Science & Negotiations will introduce the science and policies of climate change. The course includes a simulated UNFCCC negotiation during the second semester, in which students take on the role of country delegates. This course coincides with the broader SDSN Climate Change Call to Action.

  3. Planetary Boundaries and Human Opportunities, by Prof. Johan Rockström and his colleagues at the Stockholm Resilience Center, offers an outstanding overview of sustainability science and potential pathways for human well-being.

Read more: The Sustainable Development Solutions Network

Earth Overshoot Day

Earth Overshoot Day 2014In less than nine months, we used more natural resources than what it takes the planet 12 months to produce. For the remainder of 2014, we will be living on resources borrowed from future generations.
This year—Earth Overshoot Day—the approximate date human resource demands exceed nature's budget—fell on August 19. One day earlier than last year. In fact, since 2001, Overshoot Day has moved ahead by an average of 3 days per year.
For more inormation please see the Global Footprint Network web site.